High-quality adhesives for perfect binding, fold gluing, coating, pressure-sensitive and PUR adhesive bondings

Our fold-gluing systems for rotary printing are groundbreaking in speed and precision.

Binding machines, bookbinding materials, coating, adhesive ribbons and glue dots

High-performance solvent-free adhesive tapes, films and foils, according to your specification

Planatol Group

Planatol Stands for Intelligent Adhesive Technologies

Innovative Adhesives, Adhesive Tapes and Films, Fold Gluing Systems

The Planatol Group is one of the leading suppliers around the world for adhesives, adhesive applications and applicator systems. Mechanical bonding is increasingly being replaced by adhesive bonding, making production processes cleaner, quicker and more economical. Our experience of many years enables us to be a market leader for intelligent adhesive applications in specialised niche markets.

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Ort: Köln, Deutschland
Datum: 16. Mai - 19. Mai 2017

Ort: Rosenheim
Datum: 20. Mai 2017

Ort: Hannover, Deutschland
Datum: 22. Mai - 26. Mai 2017

Pac Print
Ort: Melbourne, Australien
Datum: 23. - 26. Mai 2017


CCE International 
place: Munich, Germany
date: 21. März - 23. März 2017

China Print
place: Peking, China
date: 09. Mai - 13. Mai 2017

place: Cologne, Germany
date: 16. Mai - 19. Mai 2017

place: Hanover, Germany
date: 22. Mai - 26. Mai 2017

Pac Print
place: Melbourne, Australis
date: 23. - 26. Mai 2017

Successful trade fair

News I 24.03.2017

PLANATOL has successfully completed the CCE. Three interesting days of intensive and productive talks lie behind our advisory team.